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On-line Shipment Order

Searching order could be used filter fields available in the upper part of main application window. For this could be used either unique shipment id number (like AWB or BL number) or reference number, both of which are mandatory for creating a new order. Beside this could be used system generated order number.

Function for uploading documents is available in “Shipment documents” section of order form, and became available only after new order has been stored in system.

“Save” button could became inactive in two cases:

  • mandatory fields are not filled
  • freight forwarder accept order and it’s no longer possible make changes in it. Please note, uploading documents is still possible in such case.

Agent Database

Before adding agent to group make sure that appropriate group is created. Once done press ‘+’ button and enter agent name you want add into the group. Select company from drop down list and press ‘Add’ button. Sucessfully added company will be displayed in the list below.

Application provide several levels of access, and some of them do not rights for adding or editing agent details. So, ask your system administration to check if you have appropriage access rights.

Please make sure that you have entered agent name correctly into search field. Also it may happened that agent name was stored with space at the beginning, in this case it’s recommended update agent name and restore into the system.

‘Report’ details become available only after Agent Database is integrated with accounting or invoicing system.